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Thermoforming Membrane Press

"RASA" Model : Solo - 9849 (8' x 4' Platen Size) 

For Thermoforming & Membrane Pressing PVC, PP Film, Polystyrene, Kydex, Acrylics, Heat Transfer Foils, Wood Veneer, Paper and other Solid Surface materials over low cost substrates Such as edge-glued Panel stock, MDF, Partical Board or even non-wood products.

Typical Applications : 
  • Thermoforming PVC and other foils over MDF panels - for Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinet Shutters and Drawer fronts, Room & Entry Doors etc...

  • Veneer Cabinet Doors, Entry Doors and Table Tops.

  • Laminated Architectural Panels.

  • Bent Laminated Furniture parts.

  • Speaker Components.

  • Automotive Parts

  • Machine and aerospace components.

  • RTA (Ready to Assemble) Furniture.

Specifications* : 

Model Solo - 9849 Solo - 4849
Platen Size (mm)
2490 x 1245 1245 x 1245

Maxm. Part Size

2280 x 1060

1060 x 1060

Maximum Part Height

65 mm

65 mm


5600 x 1430

3100 x 1430

Cycle Time

2 Minutes

2 Minutes

Power Required

20 Kw.

11 Kw.

  • High Stretch Silicone Rubber Membrane included with each machine.

  • Above Machines can be converted to double platen type ("Duo") Machines in future if required.

      * specifications subject to change without notice.

Advantages of "RASA" Membrane Press  : 
  • Membrane-less operation when pressing PVC film.

  • Short Cycle time of 2 minutes for high capacities.

  • Direct heating system resulting in lower energy cost and higher surface definition.

  • Ease of operation with minimum maintenance.

  • Adjusts to membrane / membrane-less mode within minutes.

  • Price Advantage with high reliability (Mfgd. under USA technical knowhow with all critical components imported from USA and Germany).

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